Welcome to the world of the SunPower Kidz® where colorful and active caricatures based on nutritional food are presented in an entertaining fashion.  The SunPower Kidz® are designed to enlighten the children of the world about moral character, good health, being active, and nutritional balance, while teaching lessons about having fun in a safe environment.

The SunPower Kidz® mission is to empower children in an active and creative atmosphere by helping to reinforce healthy and wholesome family values, provide entertaining education in fun surroundings, and increase positive awareness in children in a friendly entertaining manner.

The creation of the unique SunPower Kidz® characters is not limited to a particular food group or national origin.  They encourage children to experience the fun of eating different foods from countries around the world. 

The characters that comprise the SunPower Kidz® are those found in our food chain. The SunPower Kidz® are a unique and contemporary representation of each food stuff.  These characters will deal with each child in an entertaining fantasy format that will ultimately educate the child and assist in retaining a lasting identity of each character’s function and potential for good health and nutrition. As each child views the various characters, they will become eager to embrace one or more of them in some form of commercial representation.

Children look forward to joining the characters and experiencing the joy of magically becoming a SunPower Kidz®.  The characters communicate with each child in an entertaining format.  As they educate, the child retains a lasting identity of each character’s function and potential for good health, good behavior, and fun.  This fun environment can only positively influence self-worth.

The child, through this health and nutritional development and entertaining
process will recognize and respect their self-worth. Hopefully, this will help
foster an awareness against such negative impulses, advertising
bombardments, and outside factors such as cigarettes, drugs, and alcohol
that may have a negative affect on the child. 

What makes the SunPower Kidz® appealing?

1.        The innovative characters are artistically very attractive to children and parents.
2.        They are specifically focused on activities that children engage in and enjoy.
3.        They carry a positive message that can be used by educators, purveyors in the food
           industry, families, and the growing health conscious population.
4.        Due to the boundless number of universal foods, not limited just to
           fruits and vegetables, a continual stream of growth potential is being