Hi SunPower Kidz,

They were very cute! You can see the pea pod on Paley. She is really adorable. The milk was very cute too. I really liked her. I can't wait to see the other ones.

~Samantha, (age 12), Hillside, NJ


Chloe Cheddar Cheese I like her with the vest on and Gregory Green Bean I like him with his hockey uniform. I can't wait to see the rest of them. I bet they look cute too.

~Danielle, (age 10,) Boise, ID










Chloe Cheddar Cheese™

The SunPower Kidz® are happy to introduce Chloe Cheddar Cheese, one of the special Dairy characters. Chloe loves to ski and do other winter sports. Chloe loves anything that is red, maroon, or pink.












Makayla Milk™

Makayla Is another one of the special Dairy characters to become a SunPower KIdz®. Makayla loves to jump on her pogo stick. Her record is 233 jumps without falling. How many jumps can you do?








Paley Pea Pod™

Paley leads the other cheerleaders to welcome the SunPower Kidz®. She is the distant cousin of Gregory Green Bean. Isn't her hair style really cool with all those tasty peas? Do you like peas?




Sammie Swiss Cheese™

Sammie is another member of he SunPower Kidz® Dairy group. He loves to play with his dinosaurs. One of his favorites is "Tye" the Tyrannosaurus Rex. Do you have a favorite dinosaur? Sammie would love to know.











Yanni Yoghurt ™

Yanni is also a healthy member of the yoghurt family. Other members of his family come in many delicious flavors. Yanni is a combination of raspberry, strawberry, and blueberry. Do you have a favorite?