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Betty Broccoli ™ Oliver Orange™

Christopher Corn™ Penelope Pear™



"Nutritious and Delicious"

Physical Education Activities that Integrate Nutrition Education

Cooks and Crafts™ Provides Nutritious Monthly Menus for Goddard School

Christopher Corn™ and Stacie Strawberry appear at Cooks and Crafts™


The SunPower Kidz® Bisque

Mayco® Colors has released these beautiful bisque series of SunPower Kidz® figurines. They will be used by educators and parents to help teach children about good nutrition and making responsible, healthy personal choices while having fun with these special characters. The stories, puzzles, word searches and other activities supporting this positive message are found on each individual SunPower Kidz® page.

They come in two sizes. The SunPower Kidz® affectionately call the large ones the 'Parentz' because they are fun and functional. Betty Broccoli™ is a shelf sitter, Oliver Orange™ is a bank, Christopher Corn™ is a box, and Penelope Pear™ is a figurine.

The other size is called 'collectables'. Here we fondly call them the 'kollectable kidz'. They fit right in your hand. Collect them all!

Click on the 'THE KIDZ' tab above or link above the bisque figurines and let the fun begin!

Contact your local contemporary ceramic studio and request them. You too can have fun painting them, having them fired and then bringing them home.



Laura Matney - 2004 Southern District Teacher of the Year. Elementary Physical Education.

Laura Matney, the Coordinated School Health Coordinator for Secondary Education in Johnson City, TN, has developed a wonderful program using the SunPower Kidz® Bean Bagz™ to teach children about the values of being nutritious while having fun.






Cooks and Crafts™ Provides Children Menus.

Cooks and Crafts™, a new and innovative retail store located at The Mall at 206 in Flanders, NJ, offers exciting menus for the Goddard School using the SunPower Kidz®.

Cooks and Crafts serves as a place where toddlers, tweens, teens and their families can come individually, as a group or with friends to buy products, take FunShop classes or attend parties or events learning about the creative arts in cooking, baking, arts and crafts.

Cooks and Crafts™ also a leading contemporary ceramic studio also carries the entire line of SunPower Kidz products including the newly introduced SunPower Kidz bisque characters.














Cooks and Crafts™ host the SunPower Kidz ®.

To the delight of throngs of excited children and parents, Christopher Corn™ and Stacie Strawberry™ along with their creator, Larry Seitz,appeared at Cooks and Crafts™ highlighting the day for multiple theme birthday parties at this “retail destination for creativity."