If Children Could Vote Who Would Be The President?

By Larry Seitz | September 18, 2008

Tis the season to be deceitful…fa la la la la…la la la la.  So children which of you will get something nice in your stocking?  Which of you will have coal?  Any of you having your nose elongated yet?

It is quite amazing how political campaigns strive to create negative ads.  Every four years, the public is exposed to advertisements that are caustic, irrelevant, attacking, deceitful, ambiguous, and vicious.  Imagine lying to your child in this manner? Teaching them to hate thy neighbor so that you can be number one.

How is the average citizen able to know the truth when each side of the aisle is guilty of some form of fabrication?  Is it that the politicians are so adept at this that it becomes second nature to them to be completely disrespectful to the public?  It really highlights that making disparaging remarks about the other party is more relevant to politicians than caring about we the people.  That’s a positive lesson to teach our children.  Make the other guy look inferior to you instead of extolling the virtues of being honest and truthful.  The logic of politics says to win you must be negative.  Sounds logical to me!  Maybe we should teach hate thy neighbor until we win the race and then just say, kiddingly of course, we didn’t mean it.

But…. wait…aren’t we instead supposed to be enthralled with the bountiful good things that a candidate and the congress have done to earn our trust and vote?  Of course…can you name one? That’s only a dream…like trusting that our humble politician will serve the people instead of the special interest groups.

The real parental challenge is striving to set examples and live our lives to insure that our children are honest and truthful.  A full time task while guiding them to engage in a positive work ethic and spirit of achievement while helping their fellow man.  But be careful.  Don’t verbalize this too loudly or else you might offend those who feel religion is not a good thing.

Would now be a good time to let the children know that their college education, a vacation, or even food on the table and new shoes for school has been compromised because a parent has lost their job or will in the near future?

So dear children.  If you want to know the truth look not to a politician.  But then again, what is truth?  After all, every politician has the solution.  Just ask them!

Should children be made aware that a politician will blame his opponent for what he is equally guilty of.  Should children know that promises to make changes are not the solution but empty words that will be reversed once they become elected. Maybe it’s more suitable to teach children to be rude to those who oppose you while coddling those who serve your needs.  Follow the view of others and learn the polished way to attack others, be indifferent, lose tolerance, and hate thy neighbor.  Teach your child that it’s more important to fight against each other than their real enemy who still exists after 9/11.  Don’t teach them that 9/11 is still happening but much more insidious.  Don’t explain that the war is on against us.  Just view it when Dad or Mom fill up the gas tank.  Let them listen to wise men in congress who refuse to allow us to be less dependent on dictators and enemies of the United States by permitting us to seek our own natural resources.  Let the children know that you must respect the skin color and religions of all men even when some won’t let us practice our religion but can preach hatred of the United States.  Don’t let children know that there is a double standard and that’s what politicians promulgate as they preach equality and working across the aisle.  Don’t teach them that there are men who make promises only to break them.  Teach them to be disrespectful of country and the flag and above all the soldiers who every day give their lives for this freedom. 

Let’s remind them how it’s not important to follow the teachings of the SunPower Kidz™ about health and nutrition.  Let’s all be obese and promote disease and sickness.  Let’s ridicule those who would want a healthy mind in a healthy body.  Let sickness whether physical, mental, or emotional reign because a government that owns the people can further this cause freely. 

But, lets not teach the children that there are people who govern us who are deceitful, self-serving and will destroy their future because of power and greed. 

This election will be a first of it’s kind.  I know who I shall vote for…the persons who are best prepared to handle what unknowns will follow them and offer substance instead of wisps of emptiness.  And that’s no lie!

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Statins for Children: A Knee Jerk Reaction

By Larry Seitz | July 24, 2008

On July 7, 2008, the American Academy of Pediatrics issued a recommendation that wider screening for cholesterol be considered for children.  Apparently, the argument is that by administering cholesterol-lowering drugs classified as statins to children as early as 8 years old, adult heart problems may be prevented.

The SunPower Kidz™ are having a difficult time understanding the motivation for this line of reasoning. 

It has been well documented that there are dangers associated with elevated levels of LDL cholesterol.  This type, which clings to the walls of arteries, eventually becomes a hardened fixture blocking the free passage of blood.  But where in the literature does it claim that the arterial bed of a child has developed the LDL cholesterol?  What about the rights of a child?

There are too many factors involved to support a supposedly salient recommendation without considering the entire picture.  This approach of action is based upon fear rather than substantial scientific studies specifically for this age group.  Fostering this argument as the accepted course of action reeks of questionable decision making and could be potentially dangerous.

Until definite studies can support this approach for such young children, the only ones who ultimately benefit from this proclamation are the manufacturers of the drugs and the referring professionals.  What parent would question the pediatrician’s recommendation?  The guilt and angst of making a contrary decision can weigh heavily on any parent.  After all, what parent would refuse a pill to prevent their child from the potential of later year cardiovascular implosion?

In nature for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.  Isn’t there a logical approach not to suppress the natural development of chemicals in our body?  Aren’t certain compounds, like cholesterol there for a reason?  The great architect who devised our bodies certainly knows his stuff!

How about this novel approach.  Instead of ingesting chemicals in our youth based on hypothetical musings, maybe we should consider what the mission of the SunPower Kidz™ has always been.  Staying active, like each and every one of them do and eating foods that we know won’t introduce or at least reduce the chance for harmful changes to accelerate diseases and conditions of any kind.  Imagine actually eating unprocessed, organic and natural foods that existed centuries ago?

I always thought one of the crucial roles of any pediatrician is to educate his patients and the families to understand not only about cholesterol but why it is important to use your body actively while filling it with things to make us grow “big and strong.” 

Maybe we should consider Fosamax or some other medication for all eight-year-old girls to avoid early undetected osteoporosis or osteopenia.  Why not?  After all, it might help the future problem but then again cause other documented health issues.  Where is the logic here?  Certainly, it is a ridiculous proposal.  But then I ask when does this child experimentation end?  The tip of the iceberg has been spotted. 

“You ain’t seen nothing yet…” This is just the beginning.  Soon, other medications will finally be questioned and declared inappropriate as the public seeks greater understanding of childhood conditions and diseases that have become all to quickly diagnosed erroneously.  There are numerous decent parents out there whose voices need to be heard.  Let us stand up for the rights of our children before these too are questioned. 

For all the parents who feel coerced into a decision anecdotally based upon supposed preventative but poorly researched determinations consider this.  You have the right to think long and hard and ask many questions about what the educated conclusions were used to arrive at this decision.  Let it not be a knee jerk reaction.

Abigail Apple™, one of the many healthy and active SunPower Kidz™.  Did you eat your 5+ fruits and vegetables today? 



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Global Warming: Here’s the Solution?

By Larry Seitz | June 29, 2008

We as a nation have gone through the most extreme forms of different diets that profess to have the REAL solution to our obesity problem. 

My hypothesis is that it’s not just the food we eat but when combined with gravity, the real cause of our weight problem and global warming is evident.  Think about it.  If we weighed less would there be less energy needed to keep us on the earth?

(Did I see a physicist cringe in pain?  Or maybe it was the nutritionist.)

There must be a great quantity of energy needed to keep everything from floating off the earth and into space.  So…because energy can’t be destroyed or created, at least I think I heard that one day in class, there must be incalcuable amounts of energy drifting around our astmosphere.  If that’s the case, then heat energy must be escaping into the atmosphere probably attracted toward the polar regions and causing the melting of ice. 

Now if this is true that would explain the thunderous noise coming out of the internet as millions of scientists reading this are scampering back to their laboratories devising new and bold theories linking weight loss and gravity.  Probably within weeks, a television special will report on this theory and be on all the talk shows. 

In any event, back to the basics of science? 

Again, restating the question.  Would there be less heat energy escaping into the atmosphere if we weighed less.   There must be a mathematical formula that explains the relationship between weight loss and melting of ice?  Isn’t there?

Perhaps this explanation makes more sense offering a slightly different twist.  Is the gravitational pull that attracts earthly bodies toward each other and into the core of the earth really the reason that the ice is melting and causing the global warming.  Another hypothesis…amazing two in one day!
Again I ask.  If we weighed less, would we give off less heat?  Less heat would reduce the need to cool off our bodies, reducing the need to use gas or electric energy.  Then less gaseous waste products would be spewed into the atmosphere.  If we weighed less than we probably would be eating less fatty or processed foods.  Then the basic foods that the cave man enjoyed would be our main diet, eliminate obesity and keep the mission of the SunPower Kidz™ intact. 

It would make sense that our cars and other forms of transportation would require less horsepower.  Therefore, we wouldn’t need as much fossil fuels to carry less weighted and powered cars.  

Finally, if we relied less on fossil fuels and instead used our legs more we’d be able to reduce the obesity and aging problem, require less medications and global warming contaminants.

There you have it.  A simple…very simple…explanation and solution for the power of gravity to create our problem of global warming, obesity, and dependence on fossil fuels.  

If it were only that simple…

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Salmonella: Another Potential Resistive Bacterial Nightmare Like MRSA?

By Larry Seitz | June 22, 2008

Do we really comprehend the continuous warfare that our bodies wage against bacterial anarchy every minute that we breath?  It is a miracle that we can stay alive considering the condition of struggle that our immune systems and disease fighting lines of defense combat on a daily basis.  

We can acknowledge the absolute miracle when a healthy child is born.  Yet, the miraculous feat when our bodies fight the invasion of bacterial goons waiting for the right time to destroy us is taken for granted.  The Salmonella bacteria with its numerous forms are found in the bowels of mammals, turtles, iguanas, other reptiles, and even pet rodents.  One strain of Salmonella is responsible for typhoid fever.

The irony of this bacterium, like MRSA and Escherichia Coli is actually bizarre.  These marauding invaders, when otherwise under control, are found in specific bodily organs effectively helping us perform certain bodily functions. 

Examples of salmonella food related illnesses are associated with undercooked poultry, milk, meat, raw eggs, and food cooked or frozen but not consumed in a timely fashion.  Produce and fruit can also contain the bacteria as evidenced by the question of contamination with tomatoes.  We have already experienced affected spinach two years ago.

Salmonella like MRSA or Escherichia Coli can easily be passed by fecal contamination.  You would have thought that the basic hand washing would have been a no brainer.  However, if the organism is available in a non-washing area, such as a field where the produce grows, the chances for contamination are magnified. 

So, what then are humans to do?  Actually, nothing more than what we have been told repeatedly.  The first line of defense is washing our hands and especially those foods that are fresh from unknown sources.  Recommendations are also to cook the food at 145 degrees for 15 seconds, which will kill the Salmonella.  It is certainly an insignificant inconvenience considering the potential for bodily harm.

Salmonella is an organism that can cause serious and sometimes fatal infections in young children, the elderly, and people with weakened immune systems.  Healthy people hit with the pathogen often experience fever, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting and abdominal pain.

The SunPower Kidz™ profess that eating or drinking healthy things is taking the responsibility to be vigilant and sharing that knowledge.

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Click Farms!? A Genetic Food Source or Something Nefarious?

By Larry Seitz | June 17, 2008

It is fair to say that what we eat is raised or grown on some generic place called a farm.  To some it’s a way of life and to others a special place you visited as a child and saw your first cow grazing in a pasture, a silo filled with corn to feed the livestock, or perhaps a chicken coup filled with fresh eggs, or a pig luxuriating in its own beauty spa mud bath.

So then, what is a click farm?  What is raised or grown there?  Could it be a genetically engineered a new breed or foodstuff?  Is it creating a new form of life that will save our planet?  Increase our food supply? 

No…not all.  Unfortunately, click farms define a deceptive practice of advertising.  Maybe it should be called click scams especially when the naïve visitor to the Internet doesn’t realize that they unintentionally could be part of the process.

Let’s evaluate how it functions.  It is like a throw back to the sweatshops in the early 20’s in the United States before unions saved the average worker from inhuman working conditions or underdeveloped countries having to work for horrible wages to survive.  These farms hire poor people, all over the world to click on specific ads.  What this click does is to falsely create a visit via a link to the unknowing company.  The company advertises on the web through large search engines, trying to legitimately bring potential business to their website.

The unsuspected company, noting that visits have increased dramatically think that the activity being directed to their website is a result of the service they used.  But when they receive the bill for a huge number of clicks, they are aghast at the charges, which do not correspond to any potential sales.  The sad reality is that no one has actually visited their website but yet they are charged for being unfairly hustled to believe otherwise.

But now something is on the horizon to change this deceitful practice.  There is a new wave of advertising that will change the web for advertisers and visitors.  Finally, there is a legitimate approach, bordering on genius where honesty prevails.  This business model allows all to be treated fairly with equity and free services. 

By joining this new and fair approach, the best of the web advertisements can be safely appreciated.  The way to this safe harbor is simply done by clicking on any banners found on this website.  The SunPower Kidz™ endorse this fairness as it promotes the same mission that will allow children to be offered an alterative for an honest and healthy future.

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Earthquake in China: The loss of a child

By Larry Seitz | May 15, 2008

There is great sadness in the world. The SunPower Kidz™ have lost so many thousands of beautiful children in the aftermath of the earthquake in Sichuan Province on Monday. The New York Times pictures have captured the profoundness of this horrendous event. It can only evoke tears and agonizing pain viewing the ruins and desolation of families hovering over the bodies of their children.

The SunPower Kidz™ sigh deeply as only an intangible feeling of emptiness provoke numbness and heartfelt grief.

Edifices of all sizes and shapes can be rebuilt, but how do you rebuild the hearts of parents who have lost their child? Words can never capture the anguish and sorrow.

There will be more fingers pointed and blame hailed at the local officials who disrespected family members wishes to extricate their children from the rubble. Once again, the insensitivity of humans shakes its ugly head. There will be investigations to determine why so many buildings collapsed when strict guidelines from a previous earthquake offered revised government codes of construction. Was compromise and the avarice of man once again a possibility? In all, the world many never find out these seemingly mundane answers of steel and concrete.

What is germane is the horror of the loss of a human, especially an innocent child.

We will never know the horrific emotions that were felt as their life left them.

We, the SunPower Kidz™ pray for these unprepared innocent and vital children and the families that will shoulder this darkness for the rest of their lives.



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Springtime: Allergy Season Begins.

By Larry Seitz | April 22, 2008

It’s that time of year again when the omnipresent pollen bursts from the slumbering trees and emerging hibernating bulbs. Celebrating the demise of bone chilling cold and snowy days does have its drawbacks for the millions who suffer from the march of pollen.Yet, one should not feel dismay for your suffering is just beginning. For as the early pollen contributors subside, there is always the beautiful green mat of the soil called grass that comes next. Oh yes, let’s not forget the spores and mold that will be arriving shortly as heat visits accompanied by windy and dry conditions. One can sense that for these millions of sufferers, which seem to increase in membership annually, the bleak promise of the first frost becomes the heralded arrival.So…in between days of the calendar that touch these three seasons, millions walk around suffering. Staccato sneezing, burdened with heads of congestion, faucet dripping noses, itchy eyes and other sundry symptoms of an immune system that has gone haywire. It is like having a revisit from that tenacious cold that left a few weeks ago.In my childhood, I was told that my allergies were hay fever and dust. Growing up in the hallowed streets of New York City, I knew dust was unavoidable, but where was the hay? I don’t recall any fever? Perhaps, at the conclusion of being a human pincushion for numerous years, when allergy shots were in vogue, the answer would somehow be revealed. I never found the hay but instead settled into a countryside residence, far away from the concrete, and now celebrate the air filled with other devilish invaders of the airways.Numerous recommendations as how one avoids these irritants seem as long a list as the myriad of allergic contaminants. If the plant world does not get you, there is always something in the food, the neighbor’s pet, or some obnoxious offensive odor from a chemical airborne or smoke. Is there any relief at all?For me, the only solution has been living by the ocean. The usual allergy deterrents do not seem to enjoy a wind swept ocean breeze but then again maybe I should be tested for palm tree allergy to confirm my theory.Well, the good thing about this time of year is that the national pastime returns. Once again baseball fills the air, aspiring youth play soccer, people can go on picnics, nature blushes with a new array of gorgeous flowers, cute and ravenous babies and insects are born ready to feast on your newly planted vegetable garden produce, and a young man’s fancy can again turn to love.Maybe it’s best to deal with the sneezing and enjoy the idyllic pleasure of the time.

Peter Potato™, one of the SunPower Kidz™, a devotee of baseball, comes alive this time of year. smiling-peter-potato.jpg

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Martin Luther King, Dith Pran, Charlton Heston – Heroes of the world

By Larry Seitz | April 9, 2008

In the last blog, I paid homage to Dith Pran, a tireless champion…a humble man. With, the 40th anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King’s death still fresh and the death of Charlton Heston, a common thread has become so obvious. All three of these great heroes served a noble purpose in their lives. They gave of themselves using that which was given to them and shared it unselfishly with millions. They were fearless, bold, gracious, and humble in their own way to share their dedication to make this earth a better place to live.

Mr. King preached godliness…a time of healing, a time of peace, a time of love. Mr. Pran brought healing while preaching the need for the spirit of God to bring us all together and eliminate the horrors of war. Many remember Mr. Heston as he portrayed Moses, a man dedicated to God and leading his people out of bondage, a chariot racer in Ben-Hur trying to win against the evils and greed of humanity. In his later years, his relationship with the National Rifle Association enraged the elitists in Hollywood. But once again, he was only fighting for what he believed in. The right to bear arms and uphold the second amendment of our important Bill of Rights. An important part of the fabric of what makes our United States the most powerful country in the world. Unknown by many, his deep conviction and love of mankind lead him to be one of the early proponents of civil rights, joining Mr. King in his earliest years of struggle.

All the SunPower Kidz™ want to thank these three heroes of the world. These men were as different as the many SunPower Kidz™. But, in their hearts and spirits, each man symbolized and lived lives that brought out what is good in the fabric of the human spirit. The SunPower Kidz™ every day represent a place where children can be safe, healthy, and happy and be just that…children. The pictures of these three men rank high in the minds of each SunPower Kidz™.

Martin Luther King, Dith Pran, and Charlton Heston were heroes because they walked the walk instead of many others who just talk the talk. The “Kidz” will continue to foster the healthy values to the children of the world knowing that these three great men would approve.

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Today A Hero Has Died: Dith Pran

By Larry Seitz | March 30, 2008

Today, the New York Times reported the death of Dith Pran. I am deeply saddened by the news that a champion of the goodness of the human spirit has left our world.

Dith Pran, a journalist, writer, lecturer, and New York Times photographer survived the insanity of the mass killings of the Cambodian people throughout their countryside. When he escaped, surviving miraculously the years of inhuman treatment, he reported to the world of the starvation and torture of millions of people during this horrifying genocide during one of the many darkened times in the calendar of the human race. These mass crimes against humanity often use the term, ‘ethnic cleansing’ offering this as the insane rational for such heinous deeds.

In 1972, Dith Pran was working as an interpreter with Sydney H. Schanberg, the New York Times Southeast Asia Reporter during the spread of the Vietnam War into Cambodia. In the years between 1975 and 1979, the communist Khmer Rouge regimen killed 2 million or more people. Dith Pram witnessed this odious event. His story of survival was later told in the 1984 academy award winning film, The Killing Fields. Indefatigable until his death, Mr. Pram continued to lecture extensively about the horrors of his inhuman experience.

We live in a free, safe, and democratic society in a hostile riddled world. I am amazed how these atrocities never cease. Yet, the civilized world continually ignores them. I listen to the political persuasions of the merry go round of the three aspiring presidential individuals. I too hate the war, but if history is correct, nature fills a void when a vacuum is created. Will the fill be the beginning of another atrocity? A very difficult position.

Should we choose the ‘right’ way or is it more appropriate, even more convenient to choose what is politically correct or financially rewarding. Is it better to avoid those habits that might cause some bodily harm leading to disease or is it wiser to just eat whatever we wish and worry about it later because it is more convenient and we can afford it? Parallelism runs deep and is often painfully repetitive.

A dreadful dilemma but perhaps that is the way many think. As Yogi Berra once said, “if you come to a cross in the road, take it…” I sense many even avoid coming to that cross in the road and never take it.


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You say Toe-may-toe, I say toe-mott-toe…Let’s not call the whole thing off!

By Larry Seitz | March 2, 2008

We know that phytochemicals have no nutritional value. However, what is significant is that these thousand or more substances possess the ability to help humans fight numerous diseases. Phytochemicals, protecting and keeping their plant hosts healthy, offer the same benefit for humans when ingested.

In the family of phytochemicals, are natural fat-soluble pigments known as carotenoids. In 1992, research conducting by A.S.H. Ong and E.S. Tee, identified over 600 naturally occurring carotenoids.

Representing the natural red color of the carotenoid family is lycopene, found in tomatoes. Other pigments include orange and yellow. Foods in the fruit and vegetable groups containing these pigments include tomatoes, watermelon, apricots, pink grapefruit, guava, red and yellow peppers, carrots, squash, pumpkins, citrus fruits, and papaya. Carotenoids are also noted as the color pigmentation found in salmon, flamingos, and yellow marigolds.

In the animal kingdom, other than offering the bright colors, carotenoids also function as antioxidants, and are involved in Vitamin A activity.

Looking at the organic model of carotenoids two patterns are represented. When hydrocarbon is an end group, the designated name is carotene, as seen in carrots. If oxygen is added to the hydrocarbon, it is then called a xanthophyll.

Carotenoids, acting as antioxidant agents, protect animal cells and tissues from the damaging affects of free radicals and singlet oxygen. Is this beginning to sound like espionage or a spin off of “24”?

Well…maybe? I’m interpreting the survival of humans against the villainous behavior known as oxidation. This happens when a bad oxidizing agent, in the form of an atom, molecule, or ion, tries to steal electrons from the good guy. You see it everyday. Take a bite of that apple and put it down. Recall the color change? That’s an example of the ‘nefarious’ oxidative agent. What about that iron railing that that you forgot to paint? You guessed it. That oxidizing agent…well we’ll just call it “Rusty.”

What about humans? It’s actually a catch 22. Every day, we’re exposed to some form of chemical oxidative stress. Air inversion, factory pollution, tobacco smoke, air radiation and chemical exposure. They all cause oxidative stress to the body.

Here’s the catch. Humans require oxygen to sustain life. Without it our cells die and yet this is in itself a form of oxidative stress. As soon as you perform any aerobic activity, i.e., sustained walking or stair climbing, there is an increase of breathing. This allows the body to produce oxidants. In truth, the oxidants are just a part of our lives.

In order to “balance” the number of oxidative agents, the body creates its own cadre of defense mechanism with the production of various chemicals. But, alas, it’s just not enough. That’s where the important vitamins and healthy foods come in to save the day. Vitamins such as E and C and the carotenoids naturally contain these particular important antioxidant agents. These agents become so important to maintain our health by combating oxidative stress.

Think of the SunPower Kidz™ as the body’s cavalry of health. Too simplistic? Who said it has to be complex?

Pronounce that food however you wish. It’s not all that important. What is critical is your sustained health aided by the cavalry. Just imagine what stress is created by what you do and don’t eat. Allowing oxidative agents entrance to your body without the cavalry only invites the stress of failing health, an invitation for damaging effects, fatigue and obesity. The choice is always yours.

Carol Carrot™, one of the many healthy SunPower Kidz™ that contain carotenoids.


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