The SunPower Kidz™ Appeal

• The innovative SunPower Kidz™ characters are artistically attractive to children and parents alike.

• The SunPower Kidz™ are specifically focused on activities that children participate in and enjoy.

• The SunPower Kidz™ brand carries a positive message that can be used by educators, purveyors in the food/beverage and entertainment industries, families, and the growing health conscious worldwide population.

• The SunPower Kidz™ represent the boundless number of universal foods, not limited just to fruits and vegetables. It crosses the boundaries of cultural and ethnic diversity so that all children of the world are included. As a result, the SunPower Kidz™ continual stream of growth potential is being recognized and developed.

Gregory Green Bean™ loves to play hockey for the SunPower Kidz™ hockey team. Would you like to join? Gregory shows his colorful game uniform and his warmups he wears before the game. Do you have a favorite uniform color?