A Child’s Imagination

• The SunPower Kidz™ relate to each child in an entertaining fantasy format achieved through the child’s imagination.

• Children join the characters and experience the magic joy of becoming a SunPower Kidz™. The characters communicate with each child in an entertaining format. Now the child retains a lasting identity of each character’s potential for good health, behavior and activity. This fun environment positively influences self-worth. Offer each child the experience to be empowered to assimilate the fun and actively healthy characters into their world. An imaginary world to positively shape their future.

• When a child is offered the opportunity to interact with the SunPower Kidz™, that child will befriend this cartoon character. Through the imaginary SunPower Kidz™ friend, a child can learn valuable educational understanding assisted by the lasting identity of each characters potential for good health and nutrition. As each child views the character, they become eager to embrace one or more of them endorsing a positive mentor representation.


Percy Pumpkin™ likes to play doctor helping his other SunPower Kidz™ friends.