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Time to get the blog hopping!

By Larry Seitz | April 8, 2013

To all the kind people who have read the SunPower Kidz® blog over the years, thanks again for all your support and kind words.  There has been a hiatus as we are working on the production of the movie,  "A Tale of Penelope Pear™".  As things progress we will share it’s opening to the public.  I know I’ve continued to get support awaiting it’s arrival.  I wanted to thank again all the people who have visited the Facebook page for the SunPower Kidz® and we look forward to speak to each of you as more people join.  So, once again looking forward to offering my thoughts on a host of topics that relate to the children of this world who will benefit from the SunPower Kidz®.  Thank you again!

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