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Michelle Obama and the SunPower Kidz™: A Solution to Obesity

By Larry Seitz | February 17, 2010

The first lady’s proclamation to reduce childhood obesity is commendable. Her plan would make children more active while enriching their eating habits. These changes would make school lunches healthier, increase participation in daily exercise, and encourage nutritious commercial offerings in the urban convenience store-the purchase palace for city children.

In the past, attempts to reduce obesity have failed. They lacked the understanding of what would ultimately change the obesity problem. Initiating programs to educate parents about healthy choices can be a creditable first step. But without a constant and successful platform, it lacks the staying power to make a consistent difference.

What then is the answer? Who will create the powerful attraction to healthy eating? What will empower the child to be successful? The temptation of uncontrolled eating is a constant battle. Yet, the solution is quite simple.

Mrs. Obama knows what will work. Parents, educators, and business people should listen to what the child wants instead of telling them what they need. To date, the vacuous need has been a disaster pouring millions of dollars down a bottomless abyss. Instead of a successful outcome, unhealthy eating habits have produced destructive behavior that encourages diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure.

But there is a solution. Enter the SunPower Kidz™. These delightfully fun and entertaining characters have quickly captured the imagination of children for years. When this magical relationship occurs, children interact with their “friends” and a positive view of food and health occurs naturally. It happens so innocently that children become a participating part of the world of these colorful characters. All they want to do is play and be in this magical world with the SunPower Kidz™. Once this want happens, the battle against obesity has begun as the child makes healthy decisions effortlessly. Parents, teachers, and the food industry can encourage the child’s participation just by understanding the motivation of a child’s imagination. Everyone wins, as the battle against obesity is moving ahead.

In addition to the elementary schools, commercial facilities highlighting the SunPower Kidz™ can foster this experience. Cooks and Crafts, LLC, is a prime example of such a creative fun place. This NJ based company has worked intimately with the SunPower Kidz™. They have hosted the emissaries of health and nutrition within their beautifully appealing facility. Children lead by the SunPower Kidz™, are introduced to a magical world where they rule. Here, where imagination flourishes, children are taught how to cook, expand their creativity, and participate in designing healthy and nutritious recipes while learning fun crafts. Additionally, planned virtual areas for children’s limitless expression through exercise are lead by the characters. These experiences offer an environment of change as it fosters a positive self worth image. The unique combination of the SunPower Kidz™ providing the guidance inside the Cooks and Crafts world is unique. Children experiencing fun, boundless imagination and adventure while learning is empowering. This successful model has the potential to be transformed into an urban school setting. Then each child will never be left behind as they participate and grow in mind and body in a healthy and creative way.

All of this happens because children were allowed to use their imagination in a fun and empowering environment of healthy surroundings. Participating in the powerful message of the SunPower Kidz™, children become the big winners. Then, obesity becomes a diminishing issue.

The SunPower Kidz™ would welcome the opportunity to work with Mrs. Obama to help the children of our great country. Her passion and dedication is a noble one. The SunPower Kidz™ are all in her corner waiting to be a part of her success.

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51 Responses to “Michelle Obama and the SunPower Kidz™: A Solution to Obesity”

  1. Peggy Bobeldyk Says:
    April 13th, 2010 at 11:03 pm

    SunPower Kidz a great concept. Our kids need help in good eating habits. What a fun way to learn.