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Swine Flu: What protects our children…rhetoric or action?

By Larry Seitz | April 30, 2009

The swine flu outbursts are at the epicenter of world news.  No one is immune as the flu travels from one human to another mutating at will into a variety of different strains.  The effectiveness of any prior vaccine, Tami flu, or any new one that is potentially available is at the discretion of the CDC and our surgeon general apparently now being played by Janet Napolitano, the czar of home land security. 

Now that WHO has raised the swine flu rating from a three to a five the world has become a bit more realistic about the seriousness of this threat.  Countries are closing borders, scanning new visitors to their country, offering medical attention, giving masks, etc.

And where does the United States stand on this issue?  Now would be an opportune time for the homeland security secretary to show her true worth.  Isolate the United States from the southern neighbor Mexico.  This could solve a double-edged problem.  By reducing the opportunity for illegal aliens to travel freely into the U.S., as has been the past and present administration policy, we reduce the opportunity for the swine flu to infect our country.  Why should our hospitals, medical staff, and other patients be subjected to this horrible infiltration of potential harm?  What is the logic?  

But then again…I guess politically the illegal aliens think of the President or other political figures as their benefactor and that represents votes at the poll some day.  The question then becomes is ransoming our health and the future of our children less important than a vote at the poles?  Rhetoric and excuses are lame.  We have the right to be protected by our leaders.

Percy Pumpkin™, a SunPower Kidz™ prepares to become a physician.



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One Response to “Swine Flu: What protects our children…rhetoric or action?”

  1. Nancy Nye Says:
    April 30th, 2009 at 10:31 pm

    Interesting viewpoint!. However, would closing the border to the south keep disease from coming via travelers who legally come to the staes from different directions, via plane, boat, train or foot? Would it be better if we had a way to process people in to ensure they were not carrying any contagious disease?