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Priorities: Global Warming or Obesity in Children?

By Larry Seitz | March 26, 2009

There has been a surge, as the mainstream media likes to report, how children are being taught about the negative affect global warming has upon our planet.  I find this very unsettling considering the same people live in lavish homes, drive expensive cars, expend energy whenever and wherever they wish and can afford the most expensive restaurants.  Where is the proof aside from computer images?  Because our politicians support it does not necessarily mean we have the lemming syndrome that seems to be more prevalent today.  Then again, what the truth is versus an agenda deserves another look.

I continually scratch my head trying to understand how childhood obesity can continue to flourish, promulgated by those who serve unhealthy food yet we can try to save the planet with reduced carbon dioxide emissions.  Or  quantify water vapor as if it’s bad?  What a farce!  Where is the proof?  Appears to be a blatant falsehood espoused by those in power.  Why are we not hearing the other side of the story?

The last time I studied the Krebs cycle, carbon dioxide was a necessary gas for human survival.  So where indeed is this push to brainwash our children in elementary schools.  Is it motivated by exploitation, greed, and high profits?

The SunPower Kidz™ have been on this planet for 17 years.  They need that carbon dioxide to breath, grow and flourish.  Without this gas, or the oxygen they produce, they would die and guess what…so would we. 

Have you checked your priorities lately?  Once again, it points to the fact that “To move forward, we must continue to stretch our imaginations.  We will never have the financial resources comparable to those who exploit and pollute."

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