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Is There an Epidemic of Childhood Heart Disease?

By Larry Seitz | November 13, 2008

This past week, at the American Heart Association meeting in New Orleans, a research paper concluded that thickened artery walls of children and teenagers who were obese or demonstrating high cholesterol levels mirrored the thickness of artery walls of an average 45-year-old.

Using ultrasound, the results concluded that there is a strong potential correlation between obesity and age related changes in artery walls.  What this really signifies is that obesity can rapidly advance changes in arterial wall constitution.  Dr. David Ludwig, an associate professor of pediatrics at Harvard has studied these changes since 2005.  He concluding that this would shorten the average child’s lifespan by two to five years. 

What becomes most obvious is that our children, devoid of nutritional restraint or guidance, can initiate atherosclerotic changes as early as two.  Equally inexcusable is the development of Type 2 diabetes.  

Where then are the healthy dietary conclusions accepted so we can begin to reverse the insidious life changing events?  The medical researchers will continue to research the cause and effect.  That is what research is all about.  But when do we act when the research quantifies how the body is victimized by dietary indulgences.  How then do we effectively use this substantial knowledge and make necessary critical life changes?  Are we in fact acknowledging the conclusions but refusing to accept the consequences because it beckons to inconvenience?  Are we acting as a fiddling Nero while our children burn?

The findings of the newest childhood research continue to underline the purposefulness of the SunPower Kidz.  Are the SunPower Kidz still the lone wolf crying in the woods? Where is the implementation?  The SunPower Kidz, allow children to use their imagination and become a part of the process. That is a positive way to make changes.

How much more proof is needed by parents to change habits that we know cause irreparable damage.  When does the available smart selection begin to reverse the self-destructive path of the innocent? 

Children should have the opportunity to indulge in satisfying an occasional indulgence, but where do you draw the line?  Do we need more studies to determine what intuition offers?  Where is the common sense approach? 

You hear that obesity has reached epidemic proportions.  That can’t be true.  An epidemic is when a disease spreads quickly and severely affects a large number of people and then subsides. The obesity question is not an epidemic.  It will not subside.  It is flourishing and continually increasing.  It is in fact a monster, a cancer.

In truth, it appears that the equation of cause, effect and cure has been blindsided by profit and victimization.  Hurting our children and their future is a heavy price to pay.


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