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Barack Obama: An Idyllic Promise for Change

By Larry Seitz | November 6, 2008

One of the more interesting strategies that surfaced was how the Obama team approached the statistics of voting.  In prior elections, their statistical analysis determined that eleven out of every twenty people voted.  Cleverly, they sought out the other nine.  This proved to be a smart strategy to boost the chances of success.  If in fact, the reported news is correct, 10 million plus more voters participated than in 2004.  This is the highest participatory number since 1964.

Now becomes the challenge to what change is about.  The newly elected President will be tested for his honesty, truth, disavowed relationships, and convictions.  It will be quickly concluded if he has listened intently to what the enlarged voting populace has declared.  He will be made accountable to make the changes offering the people of the United States the things he said he would do.  Only then can it be determined if we are the real winners.

No one can deny that there are numerous interpretations of what change is really about.  If the changes are fair and not disruptive and stay true to idyllic promise, the people will be the beneficiaries.  Perhaps those voters, who previously refused to vote as they were disenchanted with the same old politics of government, will be surprised by new opportunities in democracy. 

If the changes made are not by back room political pressures then the promise of change could be unique.  But, if the tenets and strengths that made our country the most powerful democracy on earth become reinterpreted, tilted or twisted, our society could collapse.  Let us hope that this is not the change.  That kind of change is destruction.

Change takes time.  This election results spoke loudly that the people of this great nation will hold the new President, his administration and representatives, old and new, to listen to the newly invigorated populace.  Perhaps for the first time, the people will monitor this time in our history more than ever before.  The future of this nation clinging to an unstable economy will be held accountable by the people as never before.  Politicians depend on votes to remain in office.  The people have spoken.  Let us see what Washington does and if they really intend to listen or instead advance their own agendas.

The SunPower Kidz represent all children.  The SunPower Kidz is all about change, one that will allow all children to be healthy and live the fullest life that God has provided for them.  The SunPower Kidz welcome the opportunity to help the next generations to advance and realize the changes that can make a difference in their lives.  Let us hope that the adults are listening.


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