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Phytochemicals: Is It Greek To You? Maybe Brad Pitt Needs to Translate.

Saturday, February 16th, 2008

With all due respect to the movie TROY, understanding the words tossed around the nutritional cupboard would be a nice thing. Where should we start? Since the SunPower Kidz™ happen to be the precursor of all that is good for our bodies, let’s ask them for an explanation. Just before Gracie Grape™ took off on […]

Was Simple Simon Really Simple or Complex? The Skinny About Carbohydrates.

Friday, February 8th, 2008

Simple Simon says: “Complex carbohydrates are better than simple ones.” Wait, before you take that step, let’s think about it. Carbohydrates are organic chemical combination compounds of carbon, oxygen, and water, a bond between oxygen and hydrogen. Carbohydrates, the Greek word for saccharides means sugar. Its family, bio-molecules comprise all living organisms. Carbohydrates provide energy, […]