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By Larry Seitz | April 8, 2013

To all the kind people who have read the SunPower Kidz® blog over the years, thanks again for all your support and kind words.  There has been a hiatus as we are working on the production of the movie,  "A Tale of Penelope Pear™".  As things progress we will share it’s opening to the public.  I know I’ve continued to get support awaiting it’s arrival.  I wanted to thank again all the people who have visited the Facebook page for the SunPower Kidz® and we look forward to speak to each of you as more people join.  So, once again looking forward to offering my thoughts on a host of topics that relate to the children of this world who will benefit from the SunPower Kidz®.  Thank you again!

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Michelle Obama and the SunPower Kidz™: A Solution to Obesity

By Larry Seitz | February 17, 2010

The first lady’s proclamation to reduce childhood obesity is commendable. Her plan would make children more active while enriching their eating habits. These changes would make school lunches healthier, increase participation in daily exercise, and encourage nutritious commercial offerings in the urban convenience store-the purchase palace for city children.

In the past, attempts to reduce obesity have failed. They lacked the understanding of what would ultimately change the obesity problem. Initiating programs to educate parents about healthy choices can be a creditable first step. But without a constant and successful platform, it lacks the staying power to make a consistent difference.

What then is the answer? Who will create the powerful attraction to healthy eating? What will empower the child to be successful? The temptation of uncontrolled eating is a constant battle. Yet, the solution is quite simple.

Mrs. Obama knows what will work. Parents, educators, and business people should listen to what the child wants instead of telling them what they need. To date, the vacuous need has been a disaster pouring millions of dollars down a bottomless abyss. Instead of a successful outcome, unhealthy eating habits have produced destructive behavior that encourages diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure.

But there is a solution. Enter the SunPower Kidz™. These delightfully fun and entertaining characters have quickly captured the imagination of children for years. When this magical relationship occurs, children interact with their “friends” and a positive view of food and health occurs naturally. It happens so innocently that children become a participating part of the world of these colorful characters. All they want to do is play and be in this magical world with the SunPower Kidz™. Once this want happens, the battle against obesity has begun as the child makes healthy decisions effortlessly. Parents, teachers, and the food industry can encourage the child’s participation just by understanding the motivation of a child’s imagination. Everyone wins, as the battle against obesity is moving ahead.

In addition to the elementary schools, commercial facilities highlighting the SunPower Kidz™ can foster this experience. Cooks and Crafts, LLC, is a prime example of such a creative fun place. This NJ based company has worked intimately with the SunPower Kidz™. They have hosted the emissaries of health and nutrition within their beautifully appealing facility. Children lead by the SunPower Kidz™, are introduced to a magical world where they rule. Here, where imagination flourishes, children are taught how to cook, expand their creativity, and participate in designing healthy and nutritious recipes while learning fun crafts. Additionally, planned virtual areas for children’s limitless expression through exercise are lead by the characters. These experiences offer an environment of change as it fosters a positive self worth image. The unique combination of the SunPower Kidz™ providing the guidance inside the Cooks and Crafts world is unique. Children experiencing fun, boundless imagination and adventure while learning is empowering. This successful model has the potential to be transformed into an urban school setting. Then each child will never be left behind as they participate and grow in mind and body in a healthy and creative way.

All of this happens because children were allowed to use their imagination in a fun and empowering environment of healthy surroundings. Participating in the powerful message of the SunPower Kidz™, children become the big winners. Then, obesity becomes a diminishing issue.

The SunPower Kidz™ would welcome the opportunity to work with Mrs. Obama to help the children of our great country. Her passion and dedication is a noble one. The SunPower Kidz™ are all in her corner waiting to be a part of her success.

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Swine Flu…An Eventuality or A Political Football?

By Larry Seitz | August 24, 2009

The fall season is approaching as children return to school, traffic increases on local streets, leaves begin to change color and nights become cooler. A time of seasonal change filled with mixed emotions, memories, and experiences. Yet, now we have a threat that hovers over us like nothing else I can recall in recent times.

The horror of children suffering and people dying in NYC who returned from a vacation in Mexico and our government’s weak policy in restraint was disturbing. Now as the news heats up about the potential of Swine flu and its wide appeal to many age groups, especially the young, anticipatory anxiousness grows. Nothing like creating a subliminal fear frenzy early.

One hears that sufficient vaccine may not be available. Another form of government rationing, ill preparation or just the reality of fighting time? The public really doesn’t know. Just hostages to whatever news ‘leaks’ out or permitted to be editorialized for someone’s gain.

In these times, it seems like more negativity pervades our outlets of and for information. Politicians make statements, on all levels, that are quickly refuted and discredited. What is the public to believe?

As the summer days of health plan rebuttal continues, and town hall meetings increase in intensity, one wonders who will be the next target that the politicians try to destroy. I always thought if the public hires these people to do their bidding why would they try to destroy relationships and pit one against the other. Is that the American way or just the way Teflon politicians act?

I wonder if the health care plan doesn’t pass and the swine flu vaccine doesn’t help enough, are the politicians going to blame the public for the deaths of innocent children and young people and the elderly? When people are suffering blame the innocent who just want their health care to be what it has always been. What a philosophy to teach our children.

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Swine Flu: What protects our children…rhetoric or action?

By Larry Seitz | April 30, 2009

The swine flu outbursts are at the epicenter of world news.  No one is immune as the flu travels from one human to another mutating at will into a variety of different strains.  The effectiveness of any prior vaccine, Tami flu, or any new one that is potentially available is at the discretion of the CDC and our surgeon general apparently now being played by Janet Napolitano, the czar of home land security. 

Now that WHO has raised the swine flu rating from a three to a five the world has become a bit more realistic about the seriousness of this threat.  Countries are closing borders, scanning new visitors to their country, offering medical attention, giving masks, etc.

And where does the United States stand on this issue?  Now would be an opportune time for the homeland security secretary to show her true worth.  Isolate the United States from the southern neighbor Mexico.  This could solve a double-edged problem.  By reducing the opportunity for illegal aliens to travel freely into the U.S., as has been the past and present administration policy, we reduce the opportunity for the swine flu to infect our country.  Why should our hospitals, medical staff, and other patients be subjected to this horrible infiltration of potential harm?  What is the logic?  

But then again…I guess politically the illegal aliens think of the President or other political figures as their benefactor and that represents votes at the poll some day.  The question then becomes is ransoming our health and the future of our children less important than a vote at the poles?  Rhetoric and excuses are lame.  We have the right to be protected by our leaders.

Percy Pumpkin™, a SunPower Kidz™ prepares to become a physician.



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Priorities: Global Warming or Obesity in Children?

By Larry Seitz | March 26, 2009

There has been a surge, as the mainstream media likes to report, how children are being taught about the negative affect global warming has upon our planet.  I find this very unsettling considering the same people live in lavish homes, drive expensive cars, expend energy whenever and wherever they wish and can afford the most expensive restaurants.  Where is the proof aside from computer images?  Because our politicians support it does not necessarily mean we have the lemming syndrome that seems to be more prevalent today.  Then again, what the truth is versus an agenda deserves another look.

I continually scratch my head trying to understand how childhood obesity can continue to flourish, promulgated by those who serve unhealthy food yet we can try to save the planet with reduced carbon dioxide emissions.  Or  quantify water vapor as if it’s bad?  What a farce!  Where is the proof?  Appears to be a blatant falsehood espoused by those in power.  Why are we not hearing the other side of the story?

The last time I studied the Krebs cycle, carbon dioxide was a necessary gas for human survival.  So where indeed is this push to brainwash our children in elementary schools.  Is it motivated by exploitation, greed, and high profits?

The SunPower Kidz™ have been on this planet for 17 years.  They need that carbon dioxide to breath, grow and flourish.  Without this gas, or the oxygen they produce, they would die and guess what…so would we. 

Have you checked your priorities lately?  Once again, it points to the fact that “To move forward, we must continue to stretch our imaginations.  We will never have the financial resources comparable to those who exploit and pollute."

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Killing for Profit: 84 Children In Nigeria are Dead

By Larry Seitz | February 8, 2009

A toxic chemical has killed at least 84 children in Nigeria.  Diethylene glycol, mixed into My Pikin Baby Teething Mixture, a teething medicine for babies appears to be the product.

Diethylene glycol is used as an industrial solvent.  It also is found in antifreeze and brake fluid. The chemical has many of the same properties as glycerin, a sweet syrup used repeatedly in medicines, foods, and toothpastes.  Knowing this, the culprits gaining profits by the substitution, as the difference in cost is significant. 

When ingested, the chemical causes kidney and liver damage, as well as attacking the central nervous system, causing paralysis that hampers breathing.  Children in Nigeria, ages 2 months to 7 years old, became sick in November.  Unexplained fevers and vomiting were noted.  Some stopped urinating and many had diarrhea.  Hospitals across Nigeria reported children with similar symptoms.

“The high concentration of the syrupy liquid in the teething medicine has made it even more deadly — three-quarters of the children made sick by the medicine have died,” Babatunde Osotimehin, Nigeria’s minister of health said.

Diethylene glycol has been implicated in mass poisoning before.  In 2006, Panama experienced the death of 365 people as this chemical was found in a liquid medicine.  Mislabeled as glycerin, the poisoned sweet syrup was traced back to a factory in China.
In Haiti, ten years ago, scores of children died from tainted medicine used to control fevers.  In 1990, Nigerian children died when the same substitute took place.

This despicable act of substituting diethylene glycol for glycerin, solely for profit, deserves stricter evaluation of ingredients.  A swift and unwavering punishment for this horrendous pretend should also be enacted.

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Kidney Stones in Children: Why Is It Happening?

By Larry Seitz | December 17, 2008

Throughout the pediatric world kidney stones are appearing in children as young as five.  Kidney stones in children you ask.  How could that be?

What would cause this to occur in our children?  Is it something mysterious that abounds in some American diet of our fast paced society?  While it be more prevalent now because of the change in the economic tapestry of this great nation?

Let us look a little deeper.  Is it some manufactured additive or something so common that it is right in front of our faces?  If we assume that our diet is the culprit, therein lies the problem as well as the solution.  Many experts agree that what enters our mouth becomes our undoing.  Common sense would agree with that conclusion.

Studies conducted in adults find that there are crystallizations of several substances in the urine.  Kidney stones can form when these substances become too concentrated.

The gathered statistics claim that 40 to 65 percent of kidney stones occur when oxalate, a byproduct of certain foods, joins with calcium in the urine.  The two major risk factors that cause this linking are not enough fluid intake, that is water, and consuming too much salt.  When these factors occur there is an increase of calcium and oxalate in the urine, which can cause the problem.

Research conducted by Dr. Bruce L. Slaughenhoupt, co-director of pediatric urology and of the pediatric kidney stone clinic at the University of Wisconsin has concluded his results.  They view salt as the culprit in the child’s diet.  This is woefully obvious when you consider a child’s snacks that consist of salty chips or French fries speckled with salt.  Then there are the various fast food products that are loaded with salt such as processed foods, soups, and certain drinks.  Children tend to avoid drinking enough water to avoid going to the bathroom. This is especially true in the midst of their play activities.

Dietary increases in salt usage correlate with the increase of childhood obesity.  Is it then a parental issue to decide when important healthy habits become the everyday practice?  If promoting plenty of fluids, a balanced diet, and reducing foods rich in salt and fat a positive approach to lessen kidney stones, who would disagree with that conclusion?

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Is There an Epidemic of Childhood Heart Disease?

By Larry Seitz | November 13, 2008

This past week, at the American Heart Association meeting in New Orleans, a research paper concluded that thickened artery walls of children and teenagers who were obese or demonstrating high cholesterol levels mirrored the thickness of artery walls of an average 45-year-old.

Using ultrasound, the results concluded that there is a strong potential correlation between obesity and age related changes in artery walls.  What this really signifies is that obesity can rapidly advance changes in arterial wall constitution.  Dr. David Ludwig, an associate professor of pediatrics at Harvard has studied these changes since 2005.  He concluding that this would shorten the average child’s lifespan by two to five years. 

What becomes most obvious is that our children, devoid of nutritional restraint or guidance, can initiate atherosclerotic changes as early as two.  Equally inexcusable is the development of Type 2 diabetes.  

Where then are the healthy dietary conclusions accepted so we can begin to reverse the insidious life changing events?  The medical researchers will continue to research the cause and effect.  That is what research is all about.  But when do we act when the research quantifies how the body is victimized by dietary indulgences.  How then do we effectively use this substantial knowledge and make necessary critical life changes?  Are we in fact acknowledging the conclusions but refusing to accept the consequences because it beckons to inconvenience?  Are we acting as a fiddling Nero while our children burn?

The findings of the newest childhood research continue to underline the purposefulness of the SunPower Kidz.  Are the SunPower Kidz still the lone wolf crying in the woods? Where is the implementation?  The SunPower Kidz, allow children to use their imagination and become a part of the process. That is a positive way to make changes.

How much more proof is needed by parents to change habits that we know cause irreparable damage.  When does the available smart selection begin to reverse the self-destructive path of the innocent? 

Children should have the opportunity to indulge in satisfying an occasional indulgence, but where do you draw the line?  Do we need more studies to determine what intuition offers?  Where is the common sense approach? 

You hear that obesity has reached epidemic proportions.  That can’t be true.  An epidemic is when a disease spreads quickly and severely affects a large number of people and then subsides. The obesity question is not an epidemic.  It will not subside.  It is flourishing and continually increasing.  It is in fact a monster, a cancer.

In truth, it appears that the equation of cause, effect and cure has been blindsided by profit and victimization.  Hurting our children and their future is a heavy price to pay.

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Barack Obama: An Idyllic Promise for Change

By Larry Seitz | November 6, 2008

One of the more interesting strategies that surfaced was how the Obama team approached the statistics of voting.  In prior elections, their statistical analysis determined that eleven out of every twenty people voted.  Cleverly, they sought out the other nine.  This proved to be a smart strategy to boost the chances of success.  If in fact, the reported news is correct, 10 million plus more voters participated than in 2004.  This is the highest participatory number since 1964.

Now becomes the challenge to what change is about.  The newly elected President will be tested for his honesty, truth, disavowed relationships, and convictions.  It will be quickly concluded if he has listened intently to what the enlarged voting populace has declared.  He will be made accountable to make the changes offering the people of the United States the things he said he would do.  Only then can it be determined if we are the real winners.

No one can deny that there are numerous interpretations of what change is really about.  If the changes are fair and not disruptive and stay true to idyllic promise, the people will be the beneficiaries.  Perhaps those voters, who previously refused to vote as they were disenchanted with the same old politics of government, will be surprised by new opportunities in democracy. 

If the changes made are not by back room political pressures then the promise of change could be unique.  But, if the tenets and strengths that made our country the most powerful democracy on earth become reinterpreted, tilted or twisted, our society could collapse.  Let us hope that this is not the change.  That kind of change is destruction.

Change takes time.  This election results spoke loudly that the people of this great nation will hold the new President, his administration and representatives, old and new, to listen to the newly invigorated populace.  Perhaps for the first time, the people will monitor this time in our history more than ever before.  The future of this nation clinging to an unstable economy will be held accountable by the people as never before.  Politicians depend on votes to remain in office.  The people have spoken.  Let us see what Washington does and if they really intend to listen or instead advance their own agendas.

The SunPower Kidz represent all children.  The SunPower Kidz is all about change, one that will allow all children to be healthy and live the fullest life that God has provided for them.  The SunPower Kidz welcome the opportunity to help the next generations to advance and realize the changes that can make a difference in their lives.  Let us hope that the adults are listening.

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The Dairy Crises in China

By Larry Seitz | October 9, 2008

The horror of children becoming ill, leading to death after consuming milk products in China this year, is but another black eye for exports from this country. 

The unfortunate event was based upon the chemical addition of melamine, an organic chemical substance, composed predominantly of nitrogen.   

The commercial uses of melamine are plentiful.  When combined with formaldehyde, it produces a melamine resin.  This organic substance has been used as the basis of plastics, adhesives, varnishes, as well as a cleaning product.  Many applications are found in the home such as countertops, fabrics, house wares, glues, and flame-retardants.  It is also a major component as a colorant used in inks and plastics.

In 2007, pet food was recalled after these products, exported from China, were found to have unsafe levels of granular melamine.  This was found in the wheat gluten, a component organic food source.  Reports uncovered these unsafe levels causing serious illnesses and deaths in cats and dogs.  These higher levels were positioned inaccurately as falsely appearing increased protein.

Mainland China, a major producer of melamine had used this popular chemical polymer in feedstock and baby formula nationwide.  It was an accepted additive that gave a false appearance in diluted or poor quality food products that the protein content was higher.  In effect, by raising the total nitrogen content one assumed that the protein level had risen.  

This year, in September, a scandal uncovered the adulteration using melamine added into milk and infant formula produced in China.  Because of the high nitrogen content of melamine, it can give a false positive of protein content higher than it’s true value. 

These altered dairy products produced kidney stones and renal failure among young children.  By late September, it was reported that over 53,000 people had become ill.  Subsequently, over 13,000 were hospitalized leading to four infant deaths.

The United States Food and Drug Administration has established safe levels of melamine for adults.  It is hoped that the same consideration will be offered for the safety and health of children in the near future.

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